Trucking - Applications & Forms

AIG Fleet Application

AIFE Fleet Application

ACE General Freight Application

ACE - Hazardous Commercial Auto Application (10+ Units)

Berkley Small Trucking Questionnaire

Scottsdale Commercial Auto Application

Adriatic Cargo Application

Adriatic Physical Damage Application

Crum & Forster Occ/Acc & CL Application

Great American Cargo Application

Lloyds of London - Cargo

Lloyds of London - Terrorism

Truckers Physical Damage Application

Vehicle Inspection Report - Trucks

Zurich Occupational Accident Group Application (10+ lives)

Zurich Contingent Liability Application (Occupational Accident)

Zurich Non-truck Liability and Physical Damage

Zurich Workers Compensation Supplement (only available in conjunction with Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability)

Zurich Passenger Accident

Pan American Life Insurance Company’s Occ/Acc Guidelines with Plans A, B, C and Z Enrollment Forms

- State-specific carrier enrollment forms are also required in addition where applicable.

- Coverage is with an admitted carrier.  No need for surplus lines taxes or affidavits.    

- New enrollment questionnaire and enrollment forms are required.  We are not able to accept our prior enrollment forms.

- If you have a driver located in a state other than the states listed in our underwriting guidelines, please contact your underwriter or email us at occacc@5starsp.com

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