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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What types of risks are 5Star Workers’ Compensation Services best able to place?
A.   We specialize in hard-to-place / higher risk workers’ comp accounts. For specific class codes and state eligibility,  please call our underwriting team: 800.965.7457.

Q.  What type of information does 5Star need to provide a quote for workers’ comp insurance?

A.   We need the following:

  • A fully completed and signed ACORD Application. (See our Workers’ Comp Applications)  
  • A copy of current experience modification worksheet
  • 3 years currently valued loss runs.

Q.  As an Agent or Broker, what how do I begin submitting applications for quotes?

A.   We can provide you with a quote at any time but in order to bind coverage, you will need an appointment with CRC Insurance Services, 5Star’s parent company.  For details, see Become A Producer

Q.  When does it become cost effective for an employer to self-insure for workers’ comp? 

A.  A general rule of thumb is when the standard premium for primary workers’ compensation insurance exceeds $500,000.


Q.  What are the requirements for a client to self-insure their workers’ compensation?

A.  Requirements vary by state but all states require the employer to demonstrate the financial capability to pay any and all claims to closure -- either by purchasing a surety bond or providing some other type of collateral. Most employers also purchase excess insurance coverage to protect themselves from long- tail, catastrophic losses or a considerably high number of claims.